Liebherr is the worldwide leader in premium refrigeration. With over 50 years of experience in cooling the German manufacturer sets the pace with continuous product innovation and a proactive approach to responsible manufacturing. Liebherr brings fresh European design to the Latin American market, providing excellent integrated, independent, fully integrated refrigeration and an extensive selection of wine storage units.

Liebherr has a full line of premium refrigerators to suit any design vision you have for your kitchen. Our independent stainless steel models are elegant centerpieces that make a definitive statement. Our fully integrated models are perfect for integration into your kitchen cabinets like appliances and furniture were the same. And our built models are perfect to slide and align them with their custom cabinets.

The standard depth of a kitchen cabinet is 24 inches. Most refrigerators are at least 25 inches deep or more. Not so for integrated models of Liebherr. Our engineers devised a way to eliminate that extra inch. The result is a high quality refrigerator that fits flush behind your cabinetry, to prevent modifications disappointing and expensive designs. 

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